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Sengled Solo Color Plus BulbIDSNG-S21-N15W

$49.99 each

The Sengled Solo Color Plus LED light bulb is a color-changing Bluetooth® speaker that twists into a standard light socket or fixture. Play your favorite music and pick from 16 million colors of light. Customize color, volume and brightness using the free iOS or Android app or let the light change to the beat of the music with Rhythm mode.

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  • Bring Music and Color to Any Room – Enjoy high-quality sound and fun color shows, right from your lamp. The Solo Color Plus combines audio and 16 million colors so you can rock out or wind down the day with your favorite sounds. Stream audio, select colors and adjust the volume and light using the iOS or Android app. Energy-efficient LED rated to last 25,000 hours.
  • Your Very Own Lightshow – Choose from over 16 million colors, or let the bulb choose for you. Add an extra level of fun to your next living room dance party or bedtime routine with the preset Rhythm mode that changes colors to the beat of the music.
  • Set Sleep Timer – Set timer and fall asleep to music.

How to Use

  1. Install Solo Color Plus - Twist your Solo Color Plus into any standard light socket.
  2. Connect via Bluetooth® - Connect the LED bulb to your device via Bluetooth®.
  3. Download the App - Download the app to choose colors, control the volume and stream music.

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Can I play music with the lights turned off and vice versa?

Yes, the speaker and the light can be controlled independently using the Pulse app.

Can I play music from two Solo bulbs simultaneously with a single smart device?

Since Bluetooth® technology only allows one connection at a time, a Solo bulb can only be used as a standalone device. If you are looking to play music through multiple bulbs, please check out our LINK [Pulse Starter Kit] wireless speaker bulbs.

Can I use Solo Color Plus in the bathroom?

Solo Color Plus can be used in any room as long as it is not exposed directly to water or steam.

Does the Solo Color Plus use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®?

The Solo Color Plus uses Bluetooth®.

Do I need to use the Pulse app to play music from the Solo Color Plus?

No. Once the Solo Color Plus wireless Bluetooth® speaker bulb is connected to your smart device, you may use any app to play music through the bulb.

Do I need to use the Pulse app to control lighting on the Solo Color Plus?

Yes, the Pulse app is required to control the lighting on the Solo Color Plus.

What type of socket does the Solo Color Plus bulb fit in?

Solo bulbs fit into a standard E26/E27 socket. It is small enough to fit into most desk and standing lamps.

Can I connect the Solo to my TV, home stereo, laptop, or other non-iOS or Android devices?

No. If you are looking to connect a TV, home stereo or laptop to audio bulbs, please check out LINK [Pulse Starter Kit]. The Pulse Link adapter can support both Bluetooth® connection as well as input from a 3.5mm auxiliary cable and can connect to Pulse Satellite bulbs.

What Amazon Echo device can stream music through a Solo bulb?

Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Show can all stream music to the Solo bulb but none of them will have lighting control capabilities. To control the lights on the Solo, you would have to use your mobile device’s Pulse App. Please note that with this setup, the Pulse app cannot adjust the volume of the Solo bulb because the volume and lighting controls are regulated by individual Bluetooth® modules. Echo devices will not be able to connect to the Bluetooth® module that regulates the lighting control.

Can I use a wall dimmer to dim Solo bulbs?
Solo is not compatible with wall dimmers. Please use the Sengled Pulse app to dim the lights.

Does this product have a warranty from the manufacturer?
Yes, this product comes with the Sengled standard one-year warranty; the manufacturer’s warranty information for this product can be found HERE.*

*By clicking this link, you are leaving the FirstEnergy website and entering a website maintained by Sengled. Sengled is entirely responsible for the content of this website.